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Barack Obama to Democrats: You Will Be Made to Care

The American political left has taken to driving dissent from the town square. Dissent was patriotic when Republicans were in the White House. But not anymore.

If you disagree with the left on gay marriage, transgenderism, or a host of other social issues, you will be made to care. In other words, the left will either make you care about the issue the way they care about the issue or you will be destroyed. They will hound you from your job, harass you into silence, and drive you out of the town square and discussion.

Barack Obama is doing this now to his fellow Democrats over guns.

In today’s New York Times, the President writes

I will not campaign for, vote for or support any candidate, even in my own party, who does not support common-sense gun reform.

You can be sure he will also turn his Organizing for America, or whatever it calls itself these days, into a mobilization arm to pressure Democrats or drive them from power. They will recruit challengers to incumbents. They will demand loyalty and absolute fealty to an anti-gun agenda.

The Democrats will be made to care.

Gun control is an issue that works against the Democrats. Both Obama and Eric Holder had to work over time before and after the 2008 election to assure Americans that Barack Obama was not a gun grabber. Here, at the end of his term when he will no longer stand before the voters, Obama is not only going for guns, but willing to destroy what little remains of his party’s Southern, Rust Belt, and Midwest enclaves.

This is not a fight the Democrats can win. The polling is superficial and, as the Democrats know, dive into the numbers and Americans are both skeptical of Democrat solutions on gun control and resistant to any plan that might risk making it harder to protect themselves.

What’s more, this comes at a time when jihadists are roaming the countryside shooting up Christmas parties and trying to build bombs.

Barack Obama is going to make the Democrats care, or else. For many of them, it will be the or else.

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