Barack Obama Was Too Worried About Laundry To Rally Democrats

On MSNBC earlier, Bill Burton, Barack Obama’s spin master said

I mean on saturday night when the negotiators were all getting together, [McCain] wasn’t making phone calls and doing the work. He was actually out at one of the finest restaurants in Washington, D.C., on a double date with his wife. I think Joe Lieberman was there with their wives. I understand they had a great meal. It was a great restaurant. What we need to do is put the rubber to the road here. Get on the phone, get the leaders together, and get the votes that we need. And when his campaign said they brought the House Republicans to the table and had gotten the votes, they actually didn’t. Two-thirds of House Republicans voted against this today. That’s not the sort of leadership we need. We need somebody in the White House right now who can actually bring the people together to get things done.

Got that? McCain and his wife were out to eat Saturday night with Joe Lieberman and his wife, instead of making sure the GOP had enough votes to pass the bailout plan. Got it?


What was Obama doing?

He was at a political rally then off, in his own words, to worry about his dry cleaning.

“It’s just trickling down a little bit here. That’s O.K. I’m going to have to get my dry cleaning going too.”

Maybe had Obama been more engaged, the 95 Democrats in the House who voted against the plan would have passed it.

How is it McCain’s fault? Seriously . . . Obama was staying in a luxury hotel, campaigning, and getting his dry cleaning done instead of working to get the Democrat votes necessary to pass the plan.

95 Democrats voted against Barack Obama’s position and it is John McCain’s fault?

I guess that is heavy starch we can believe in.

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  • The President failed to get support from over 60% of his own party. If this was a parlimentary system we’d be looking for a new prime minister.

    But continue with the spin. It’s more fun than watching kids throw up on a tilt a whirl.

  • Erik let me tell you how this is going to play out so you’ll know when to speak your lines.

    Right now the money people who finance campaigns are on the horn with the RNC and feces flowing downhill the house republicans are going to get calls from party leaders asking them if they like being congress people. Realizing that they do like being congress people the house republican critters will ask what they must do to make amends.

    What will happen is that the house republicans will be allowed to make a MINOR, and I emphasize that, addition to the bail out. They will hang their hat on this token change and proclaim the bill now protects the tax payer, freedom, and apple pie.

    This is where you come in. As a member of the partisan choir you will chirp that truly the house republicans have done a good thing and defeated the evil democratic attempt at socialism/Marxism/defeatism, pick one it really doesn’t matter. Then you’ll blame the crisis on Obama and Clinton and tell us that only the republicans have the fiscal discipline to save every one of us, a al Flash Gordon. The Sheeple on redstate will respond “5555555!” and then we can move over to the Senate where I expect the bill to pass in good fashion.

    Then we can get back to campaign. On the up side this economic disaster is distracting most people from the disaster that is Palin and may do so through the debate.