Barack Obama’s Dangerous Game Starts the Process Toward Our Deaths

I have previously said Barack Obama changing the Bush administration policies on terror would get many of us killed.

They will. Barack Obama, with his orders to shut down Gitmo and bar enhanced interrogation techniques, is already headed toward Lady MacBeth syndrome (or should that be Pontius Pilate Syndrome). Within the next several years he is going to be repeated having to wash American blood off his hands because of his actions.

More proof comes from the New York Times today.

The emergence of a former Guantánamo Bay detainee as the deputy leader of Al Qaeda’s Yemeni branch has underscored the potential complications in carrying out the executive order President Obama signed Thursday that the detention center be shut down within a year.

The militant, Said Ali al-Shihri, is suspected of involvement in a deadly bombing of the United States Embassy in Yemen’s capital, Sana, in September. He was released to Saudi Arabia in 2007 and passed through a Saudi rehabilitation program for former jihadists before resurfacing with Al Qaeda in Yemen.

His status was announced in an Internet statement by the militant group and was confirmed by an American counterterrorism official.

“They’re one and the same guy,” said the official, who insisted on anonymity because he was discussing an intelligence analysis. “He returned to Saudi Arabia in 2007, but his movements to Yemen remain unclear.”

The previous administration did not lightly make the decision to house terrorists at Gitmo. This administration would rather pander to the left than keep us safe.

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  • Obama signing the order that will allow more abortions could also sound the death knell for our country, but with judges to appoint, there’s sure to be more death knells to come. God will not be mocked. Perhaps the true Messiah will come soon. As St. Paul said, “rejoice in the Lord always; and again I say rejoice.” The Lord is in charge and holds the heart of the king/President in His hands. The President thinks he’s in control. He is not. Life is going to get very interesting and educatonal.

  • Uhhh… exactly who let this guy out of Gitmo in the first place? My guess it would be what’s-his-name there – Bush.