President Barack Obama speaks before signing the "Every Student Succeeds Act," a major education law setting U.S. public schools on a new course of accountability, Thursday, Dec. 10, 2015, in Washington. The law will change the way teachers are evaluated and how the poorest performing schools are pushed to improve. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Barack Obama’s Ephemeral Legacy as He Begins Grabbing Guns

It has to suck to be President Obama. Sure the trappings of power and living in the White House are awesome, but as he settles into his last year he has to realize that he is more Ozymandias than Ozymandias ever was.

Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.

It took a while for Ozymandias’s legacy to be boundless and bare. Barack Obama’s takes only a Republican President at noon on January 20, 2017.

His one lasting legislatively achieved accomplishment, Obamacare, remains unpopular despite Democrat spin and remains on a shaky foundation sure to be overhauled regardless of which party controls the White House. As he heads into the final year of his term, his legacy will be more temporary than permanent. That includes his latest action to grab the guns of American citizens.

The gun policy itself is the height of epistemic closure for the left. So convinced they are that they have a permanent political majority and all right thinking people agree with them, they have refused all data that contradicts them and hit on talking points that simply are not true.

Congress is not gridlocked on gun control measures. A bipartisan majority coalition opposes gun control measures.

The gun show loophole the President will today announce he is closing is already closed. The only people who do not know this are the left and media (but I repeat myself) who do not own and will never buy a gun.

All the other actions the President intends to take, including allowing doctors to report patients in a further breakdown of the doctor-patient relationship, are ephemeral. The next President can as easily undo them as the President implements them.

In fact, that is the thing about this President’s tenure the media and left tend to ignore. So convinced are they that there will never ever be another Republican President, they have had the luxury of ignoring it. The reality is far different, though.

With Obamacare as the chief exception, most of the President’s legacy is temporary. Even his revisions to Obamacare are subject to deletion with the stroke of a pen by the next President. His Iranian deal could go away. His environmental deal could go away. His education plans, immigration plans, national security plans, energy plans, and most of the rest of his administration can all disappear with the stroke of a pen. Congress is not needed just as the President now has bypassed Congress.

His legacy is in the hands of an elderly white woman who does not much care for him and for whom he has little love. Even now the Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating her and her former department continues to drip out more and more emails that portray her as more and more out of touch and less likable.

Is it any wonder the President has decided to spend most of this year out of the country. When the President takes the podium this morning to announce his executive actions, he will be announcing actions that have, in part, already been taken, and otherwise can all be undone on day one by any Republican President.

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