President Barack Obama speaks before signing the "Every Student Succeeds Act," a major education law setting U.S. public schools on a new course of accountability, Thursday, Dec. 10, 2015, in Washington. The law will change the way teachers are evaluated and how the poorest performing schools are pushed to improve. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Barack Obama’s House of Cards

Every single thing Republicans said would happen under Obamacare is now happening. Of course Barack Obama made sure to punt all the issues into 2017 so it could be another President’s problem. That is real leadership I guess.

The fact is Barack Obama’s house of cards is collapsing. Insurance companies are pulling out of the system. Insurance premiums are going up. Costs are beginning to spiral. People are unhappy and after a concerted propaganda effort people still hate Obamacare.

The next President is going to have to work with a Republican congress to fix Obamacare. Even Bill Clinton has been critical of it. The best the Obama Administration can do right now is tinker with regulations, but regulations alone won’t solve the problem. It will take congressional action.

Perhaps the Democrats should have actually read the legislation before they passed it. Again, every single thing the GOP said would happen has now happened. Even with the media serving as apologists for the system, the voting public realizes what is going on. They feel it in their pocketbook. 22% premium increases are going to leave even more people disaffected and angry with Washington.

Over the next 13 days, if Donald Trump were actually serious about winning the election he’d start and end every speech talking about Obamacare.

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