Because Sean Spicer Is a Far More Decent Person Than Them

Hollywood and a lot of reporters are outraged — OUTRAGED I TELL YOU — that Stephen Colbert would dare “normalize” or “rehabilitate” Sean Spicer. “Why?” they are asking. Some Hollywood stars who support the ability to rip up children and suck their brains out had the audacity to call Spicer evil.

So why do it?

Because Colbert could and did and I am glad.

I have had more than one solid journalist I deeply respect lament Spicer’s role in the White House this past year. At first they were sorry for him, then mad at him. But repeatedly reporters in the White House would note how helpful the staff was behind the scenes when the cameras were not rolling.

The fact is Sean Spicer is one of the vastly more decent people in Washington, D.C. and always has been. He made the best of a disastrous situation and whether you agree with his decision or not, it seemed to me pretty clear he thought he was taking one for the team, doing what was necessary, even if unpleasant and uncomfortable.

There will be a lot of people who do not look at Sean Spicer the same way again and there will be a lot of people who resist ever allowing Spicer to return to his pre-Trump normalcy. But he deserves that normalcy and that rehabilitation.

Many of the people most openly hostile to Spicer are far less decent people who have behaved vastly more shamefully in their public and private lives than any level of shame they attribute to Spicer. If he deserves no release, they surely do not and yet have already been given it.

At the end of the day, if we force others to hang on to their actions that make us cringe and give them no room to do new things that make us smile, we will be a nation in permanent cringe at each other. And Sean is a good guy.

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