Before You Buy a Casper Mattress, Read This

This is a pretty damning story about the fledgling internet mattress business, which I have long been suspicious of even though my wife really wants to try out a “Purple” mattress (because of their ads).

Casper seems to be becoming just like the old brands it claims it wanted to displace and it has tons of capital to do so. Interestingly enough, I have a Casper dog mattress, which my dog refuses to use and several friends have told me they think it is too firm. But now, like with a lot of mattress companies, one can get more than just one mattress.

If nothing else, you should probably do more homework when buying a mattress than rely on some mattress review sites, which it seems have the potential to offer questionable reviews for money. Maybe I need to conduct a review here.

As a side note, up until a few months ago I was doing a radio ad for Mattress Firm, a store I purchased several mattresses from before even getting into radio. I like their variety, but I must say the allure of never having to deal with a salesman to get a mattress is intriguing. I just not sure the market isn’t tainted in some way.

Go read this whole article.

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