Behind Closed Doors, President Trump Has Had an Excellent Idea

According to people who attended a meeting with President Trump at the White House, the President says if the GOP healthcare plan dies, he intends to let Obamacare fail and blame the Democrats.

That is an excellent idea and it should be encouraged.

The Republicans, if they pass their Obamacare-lite swampcare plan, will own the healthcare issue and all its failures in the coming years. If they let Obamacare fail on its own, they will put pressure on Democrats and intransigent Republicans to come to the table and support real reforms.

The present swampcare plan the GOP is proposing will do little to improve Obamacare and will, in many areas, make things worse. That includes expanding Medicaid, an already unstable, costly system.

Letting the whole thing crumble would be a better alternative and one from which President Trump could use his bully pulpit to affect real change.

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