Believing Hillary Clinton

For the last year the American electorate has been inundated with never-ending illustrations of Hillary Clinton’s dishonesty. But for the purpose of this article, let’s accept the explanations given by her surrogates and the former Secretary of State herself. So in that case, what is so controversial about establishing a family foundation which, by all accounts, has raised billions of dollars in pursuit of a better world for all?

Operating under the assumption that Mrs. Clinton did not sell access to the highest levels of US government to the wealthy donors of her family’s foundation— why didn’t Mrs. Clinton come out long ago boasting about all of their vital, life-saving work? What happened to the flashy, feel-good, poll-tested advertising campaign preferred by Democratic politicians everywhere? Why weren’t all the astonishing achievements of the Clinton Foundation being touted round-the-clock in newspapers, magazines and talk shows during the months leading up to her candidacy?

After all, she launched her campaign at a time when the airwaves were buzzing with political opponents questioning Secretary Clinton’s lack of accomplishments. In fact, their argument in this regard was quite effective due to Hillary’s fondness for secrecy and hostility to the press. Can you name Secretary Clinton’s crowning achievement? Hmmm…. democratic elections in Myanmar? While noble, not exactly on the list of the top concerns for Americans these days.

Now, in all of American history, have you heard a presidential candidate who, by dedicating their life’s work to a non-government organization and managed to save some 8+ million men, women & children dying of AIDS? Yeah, me neither.

Furthermore, if Hillary wanted to win the general, it was clear she needed to rebuild the now-legendary “Obama Coalition” of voting blocs, along with duplicating his record-high minority turnout. As such, her team needed to show minorities and those trapped in grip of poverty that Hillary Clinton cares about their struggles. And what better way to showcase the candidate’s deep desire to alleviate the suffering of the less fortunate and minorities alike than to nominate the modern-day version of Robin Hood with lady parts? Just look at all that money she’s taken from the greedy millionaires and billionaires to give to the poor! From rebuilding Haiti after a devastating earthquake… to the successes seen in the middle east and Africa clearly illuminate her life-long fight for women’s rights… as well as proof of Mrs. Clinton’s profound respect for all the world’s religions— a narrative that’s nothing short of the Progressive’s post-Obama Holy Grail.

At the very least, such a rare campaign asset like the Clinton Foundation could have even been utilized to successfully reverse many of the wide-spread, negative perceptions regarding the former First Lady long-plagued by controversy. Once the public became aware of the decades of selfless, life-changing work born-out of love and compassion for her fellow man— how on Earth could she ever lose?

Simple. There’s only one logical explanation: The Clinton Foundation could not withstand such scrutiny. Because the truth is, the entire operation is effectively exploiting the poor, to enrich Bill & Hillary Clinton.


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