Ben ¢ar$on Endorses Donald Trump

I tried to explain to Carson supporters numerous times why I thought Ben Carson was a fraud. At two separate non-profit events to honor troops, prior to Carson running, he spent more time talking about himself than the soldiers.

He had a bunch of hucksters and scam PAC’s start raising money off his name trying to get him to run for President. Instead of distancing himself from them, he put them on the payroll.

He started making wholesale shifts in positions, including on guns.

When his campaign formally kicked off, he was surrounded by the dregs of political society who were notorious for bleeding campaigns of commissions while watching the candidates lose. His campaign lived up to that.

I refused to invite him to the RedState Gathering, despite much protest, because I felt strongly he was a fraud, in it for himself, and happy to make a buck.

A month or so after the Gathering, his supporters and his own debate performance convinced me I needed to give him a second look. It looked like he really did want to be a contender and not just profit from the system. His supporters were genuinely kind people and, throughout the last six months on my radio show, have been far more hostile to Donald Trump than Cruz supporters. Carson’s supporters wanted a good man of faith they could respect. They found Ben Carson to be that man.

But no. Carson turns out to be the man I always suspected he was — a fraud on a book tour out to boost his ego and bottom line.

He whined on the campaign trail about incivility in politics, so he is endorsing the man who compared him to a child molester.

If nothing else, this campaign season makes me trust my instincts for picking out frauds and hucksters more than ever. At least now, like every other Trump endorser, we can be done with Carson.


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