Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson bows his head in prayer before speaking at a town hall meeting, Friday, Oct. 2, 2015, in Ankeny, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

WATCH: Ben Carson Sinks to a Disgusting New Low

Trump defender and early supporter, Ben Carson, went on CNN with Brianna Keilar to discuss everyones favorite topic, #Trumptapes.

After Carson repeated the memorized talking points of “locker room talk” and “I hear this stuff all the time”, Keilar challenged him saying, “with whom are you hanging out with that you hear talk like that?”.

After muddling through a convoluted answer referencing his childhood, Carson had the nerve to tell Keilar that the problem is that she had not heard talk like this before. Seriously.

Just to clarify, the problem was not Donald Trump joking about sexually assaulting a married woman, the problem was Keilar being so sheltered that she had not heard #assaultjokes before. Having spent my fair share of time in locker rooms and around “locker room talk”, I can honestly say I have never heard anyone joke about forcing himself on a woman. Even if I had heard an extremely crude joke along those lines, that person is not running to be President.

I honestly feel badly for Ben Carson. This is a man once highly regarded as a moral leader and a bright spot in the GOP, yet after dropping out, he has been reduced to supporting a candidate who compared him to a pedophile and blaming women for not hearing enough sexual assault jokes. This is the Trump affect. Carson, Christie, Rudy, Dobson and others are all forced to defend the indefensible, sacrificing their dignity and integrity in the process. Pray for these guys.





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