Ben Sasse is Absolutely Right About the Filibuster

This, this, a thousand times this. The Senator from Nebraska hits it out of the park with an op-ed at the Wall Street Journal on preserving the filibuster. Senate Republican liberals are considering weakening the filibuster in order to pass big, bloated spending bills. Sasse, the freshman senator from Nebraska, is opposed.

If Republicans eliminate the Senate’s supermajority requirements to pass bills in the name of efficiency, it will guarantee that every time Democrats have the presidency and even a bare majority in both houses of Congress, they will party like it’s 1936, 1965 and 2009. They will grow government, and there will be nothing conservatives can do about it.

Imagine what Democratic majorities could do with no Senate filibuster: cap and trade, a national gun registry, federal abolition of state right-to-work laws, the abolition of secret-ballot union representation elections in favor of card checks, record tax increases. Everything would be in play. Such a Congress could tick off every box on Bernie Sanders’s wish list, and conservatives would have handed them the cudgel to do so.

Go read the whole thing.

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