Ben Shapiro Tells Glenn Beck Why He’s #NeverTrump – LISTEN:

Head of The Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro tells Glenn Beck why he is #NeverTrump. Here are the highlights:

“This is the guy that said ‘I am going to spend $600 million on this election’.  So far he has spent zero on this election.”

“Everything for him (Trump) is a branding effort. What people fail to understand about Trump in terms of business is, you keep hearing he’s a master business person, no he’s a master brander. Thats what he’s great at, in the same way Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian are great at branding. He’s not even as good as they are because they have the wherewithal to only put their brand on things that succeed. He puts his brand on everything.”

“This election is between the spawn of Satan and the anti-Christ.”


Listen to the full interview here.

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