Benedict the Bad Ass Part II

In addition to excommunicating Kennedys and Robert Drinan, I think Benedict XVI should cut off the Jesuits. What a bunch of flaky leftists. They use to be hard core monks. Now? Now they are resumed to being lefty professors at Catholic universities. As one hardcore Catholic friend of mine [Opus Dei poseur] says, “[Most Jesuits] are either gay or pretend to be now. But they’re all communists” It’s a shame. And yes, Robert Drinan is a Jesuit — damn lefties.

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  • To generalize Jesuits like that — to insult them — is disgusting. These men are completely devoted to academics, finding God in all things, and the service of others. While some are known for being “liberal” there are just as many “conservative” jesuits. Do you know any jesuits? hold your tongue next time until you can speak intelligently about the topic. I am thoroughly sickened by your words.