Benedict The Bad Ass

That’s what I’ll call him if he starts excommunicating Kennedys.

On a serious note, I am at a profound loss of explanation as to why I am so moved with emotion over the election of the Pope. I’m not Catholic. Heck, I’m Prebyterian. But, I was deeply excited by the prospect of Ratzinger being elected Pope and look what happened.

What I think it is, is the same reason I wanted Bush to win re-election so badly: It sends a message to lefties that their “progressive” movement is not all that they think it is. Ratzinger’s election signals that the Catholic Church, unlike the Episopalians, the Lutherans, the PCUSA, the United Church of Christ, etc. will keep faithful to the idea that we change for God, God does not change for us.

It is not so much that Ratzinger is an “ultraconservative.” It is that he is faithful to the Word of God.

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  • I think you’ve hit the nail on the head about the heartening effect this has had for others, that in the face of a ranting opposition, the Catholics chose commitment to the faith instead of “progress.” You might find what I posted on the topic to be interesting, and pretty heartining for a fellow presby. I’ve run a trackback for it (not sure it’s worked).

  • Hi Erick,

    As you probably know I am Catholic and I am overjoyed with this choice for our new Pope. It for exactly the same reason you site here. That it sends a signal that we are to be right with God and not the other way round. As I grow older and hopefully wiser I have become more and more proud to be Catholic. Most of all I appreciate the beacon of light that Jesus has provided me through this Church. I have made many errors in my life, but that steadfast beacon of light has always been there and pulled me in the right direction. I am so grateful!