Berkeley City Council: Impeach Trump!

Today’s installment of “We’re Too Big For Our Britches” comes courtesy of the Berkeley (California, where else?) City Council, which has voted to impeach President Trump. In other action, the council also voted to tip over the island of Guam and to pass all future resolutions before reading them.

To be fair, the resolution isn’t technically a vote to impeach the President, but rather “calls upon the United States House of Representatives … to investigate whether sufficient grounds exist for the impeachment of Donald J. Trump”.

The councils of both Richmond and Alameda (California – again, where else?) have each passed similar resolutions.

Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin stated that “Every day there’s a new ethical problem that warrants impeachment,” although the basis of the actual resolution lies more in accusation and as-yet-unresolved lawsuits to make its case – hardly evidence for an impeachment investigation.

This isn’t the first SMH moment from the Berkeley City Council – in fact not even the only one from the same council meeting, where the group also banned the sale of fur goods in the city. Previously the council has voted to “divest from businesses involved in the construction of a border wall” and refused to back down on their status as a sanctuary city.

These mostly meaningless moves all came despite the fact that many council meetings have apparently droned on until after midnight. Perhaps if they spent more time focused on city issues over which they actually have control, the council could be more effective and finish its business in a more acceptable time frame.

One must wonder – even in California, how long will residents stand for a council which takes the time to issue such grandiose resolutions while at the same time being accused of ignorance of the law when it comes to actions that are vital to the city?


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