Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton greets supporters during a campaign stop at Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

Bernie Bros: This is the Best Indicator of Why Hillary is Floundering

The left-media has been wringing its hands to no end about “Bernie Bros”, the “bros” who aggressively support Bernie. It’s all the rage to be outraged by them and their misogyny for Bernie. Hillary Clinton’s campaign has aggressively mobilized feminists in the media to be outraged on her behalf. Many of those whining about Bernie Bros are beta males trying to score with hairy legged feminists who are down with Hillary’s struggle to ride her man’s name all the way to the top.

What is so hilarious is that in 2008 Hillary Clinton deployed the exact same playbook. Now it is Bernie Bros. In 2008, it was “Obama Boys.” Hillary’s campaign was no doubt okay with using “boys” back in 2008 because Barack Obama was black and Hillary was campaigning about white families.

Dana Lossia, a 29-year-old labor lawyer in Brooklyn, describes herself as a “pretty big Obama supporter. ” She worked for a year at Michelle Obama’s Public Allies Chicago, where she met Barack a few times. She called him “the most inspiring, amazing person, a different kind of politician.” Of Hillary Clinton, whom Lossia supported in her Senate runs, Lossia said, “I just think she’s acted badly during this campaign.”

And yet, as Lossia wrote in a recent e-mail, “I’ve been really bothered by what I perceive as sexism [among some male Obama supporters] and have spent hours defending [Clinton] … A lot of guys just can’t stand Hillary, and it’s the intensity of their irritation with her that disturbs me more than their devotion to Obama.”

And guess what, playing out exactly like it is this time is the same critique of young women and feminists.

According to the media script, these cool young customers have embodied their elders’ worst nightmare of a generation that takes feminism‘s victories for granted by throwing over Hillary Clinton for her challenger faster than you can say “I’ve got a crush on Obama.” These young women are way over feminism, we’re told, and perceive gender bias to be an antiquated notion. They are embarrassed and annoyed by the public entreaties of warhorses like Gloria Steinem and Robin Morgan. Pressure from their forebears only serves to alienate them from the second wave and drive them further into the disheveled embrace of the “Yes We Can!” dude down the block.

Seriously. This might be the best indicator yet of why the Hillary Clinton campaign is floundering. She’s using the exact same failed campaign strategy from 2008. And the whole premise is whining about men.

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