Best Line of the Day

In a bid to get Andrew Sullivan’s panties in a wad, yet again, our friend John Derbyshire has the best quote of the day.

There has also been a drop-off in what I suppose is called “orientational diversity” — due, I think, to the fact that homosexuals are now free to talk about their homosexuality, as a result of which they speak of little else, to the deep uninterest of the rest of us. Perhaps the closet really is a creative place.

The Derbster also has a great test to determine if you or someone you know is an intellectual.

There are several people I know and like who I feel fairly sure are intellectuals, but who, if fleeing in great haste from a burning house that contained (a) a human infant of no discernible cognitive gifts, and (b) Alexander Pope’s annotated copy of Boileau’s L’art poétique, would save the child.

Derb, most of the Upper East Side would pick “B”.

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