Betsy DeVos is Necessary at the Department of Education

Leftwing activists have attacked Betsy DeVos for her Christian faith, her donations to Christian charities, her support of home schools, her support of charter schools, and her support of local school systems setting local education policy. They have attacked her more than any other nominee and are convinced she is unqualified for the job.

The only reason they are behaving in this way is they know she is a threat to teacher union money and the failing status quo. Betsy DeVos has spent years as an education advocate. She has spent years working to give poor children access to the same education wealthy leftists give their kids.

The ultimate outrage by the left over Betsy DeVos is that a poor, black child might actually have a chance to compete in their rich, white, exclusive private school with DeVos as Secretary of Education.

For years, the left has singularly focused on protecting an education monopoly that makes public sector union leaders wealthy while depriving children of solid education. Betsy DeVos would change that.

I hope and expect her to be confirmed today and I hope she will exact revenge on those who oppose her. Those people have kept poor children poor by depriving them of better education. The best revenge will be Betsy DeVos’s gutting of teacher union finances and driving better educated children into the meritocracy to tear down the growing liberal aristocracy. May she be successful.

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