Bette Midler Has No Class at All

Kellyanne Conway was a well-respected pollster before she joined the Trump campaign. Her talent and smarts got her moved up to campaign manager–a much better choice than the erstwhile body man Corey Lewandowski. And Trump’s win is due in many ways to her advice.

Conway was initially on the fence about accepting a high profile White House position. She cited her four children, and her family role, as her “personal choice, not a demand on me,” should she turn down a job. Today, Conway accepted a top job as “counselor to the president,” which I believe is good for both her and for President-elect Trump, who needs as much good advice as he can get.

Bette Midler, on the other hand, has zero political experience, and her opinion carries the weight of an electron in political circles outside of talk shows and liberal echo chambers. A former near-A-list actress, her last big movie was arguably in 1992, and her best was probably in 1988 (Beaches), both when George H.W. Bush was president. At least she still can sing.

But Midler has no class whatsoever. She tweeted this (NSFW) in response to Conway’s appointment as a senior administration official.

Kellyanne Conway accepted a job in Trump’s WH after saying she wouldn’t. I guess she went back on a promise she made to her p***y.

Midler gets an “F” on this tweet. “F” for “false” in that Conway never said she wouldn’t take a position. She simply put forth the choice as it really is–family balanced with career and country.

“F” for “filthy.” Momma would wash that mouth out with lye soap for such a nasty comment made publicly.

“F” for “feminist” (as in feminazi) and “F” for “fail.” If Midler cared a whit about women actually achieving stuff, she would commend Conway instead of ripping at her.

The final “F” is for “foolish.” If Donald Trump made an album (please, I’m not suggesting this happen for real), it would sell more copies than anything Midler could do because the man won the election for POTUS. Insulting the top female aide to the most powerful man on the planet is, simply stated, stupid.

Midler needs to stick to singing and acting, and, like so many liberals who have transmuted into braying jackasses, stay out of what they are clearly unqualified for. The best advice I can offer her is this.

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