Between Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner Is Not the Problem

In the fight between Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon, of course the President has to keep Kushner over Bannon.

Several of the early missteps within the Administration have come at Steve Bannon’s hands, not Jared Kushner’s.

The President’s own immigration order was rushed through with Bannon’s assistance and the green card issue caused a publicity headache. This gave multiple judges even better opportunities to delay implementation of the order.

Bannon’s handling of the National Security Council put his ego ahead of serving President Trump. He had to be on it and in forcing out the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff he created multiple negative headlines for the President.

The health care legislation was the latest, greatest Bannon screw up and, if press reports are to be believed, he encouraged the President’s bullying of conservatives. That bullying did not get the President the cooperation he wanted and the end result was to find the President chastised by conservatives for attacking the House Freedom Caucus.

Bannon has put his grudge against Paul Ryan ahead of sound policy. He has put identity politics nationalism ahead of sound conservative policy. And the guy flies off the handle at the drop of a hat like a bipolar off his meds.

Steve Bannon has, even going back to co-opting Andrew Breitbart’s name for his own agenda, put himself and his agenda ahead of everyone around him. He conducts himself as if he is President of the United States and his limelight casts a shadow on President Trump. His self-serving actions have generated negative press for the President since before his inauguration.

And now he is using friends in the media to try to sabotage the relationship of President Trump with the President’s own daughter’s husband.

The strong actions that this President has received greatest acclaim for, from executive orders to firing missiles into Syria to appointing Neil Gorsuch have not been the actions steered, structured, or created by Steve Bannon. The ones that have gotten the President the most withering criticism from the left and his own base on the right are the ones Bannon handled.

Overriding everything, though, is this. A President’s advisor putting the President in the position of being forced to choose between that advisor and the President’s own son-in-law is not a good advisor. The Presidency is a difficult job and the President, at the end of the day, can only be assured of the love and loyalty of his family. Putting the President in an awkward position about his children and their spouses is not healthy for the President.

This ongoing war being waged with background sources in the media against Jared Kushner and Gar Cohn, particularly seeing how the alt-right is turning into an anti-Semitic cause, should trouble everyone around the President, including Steve Bannon.

Asking President Trump to choose between family and a hired hand after waging war through press leaks does President Trump a disservice.

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