Biggest Twitter Backfire Ever Goes To…

To say it was an epic backfire would be an understatement of extraordinary proportions. But more than just enjoying the hilarity associated with watching Planned Parenthood’s ill-advised fill-in-the-blank tweet yesterday blow up in their face, comes the increasingly obvious reality that the left is losing its grip on the culture when it comes to the life issue.

Pro-lifers are young, encouraged, dynamic, and empowered by science, reason, logic, morality, and the Constitution. The pro-abortion lobby is old, outdated, and obtuse, relying on a thinning veneer of emotionalism to try to mask the horror of what they support.

Never has that been more flagrantly and obviously displayed than in the responses to Planned Parenthood’s now infamous tweet:

“Fill in the blank: The person I’m going out with can never ________. Tell us your dating dealbreakers.”

They might have been expecting “chews his fingernails” or “talks about her cats.” But they got a face full of righteous rebuke. Top response? Conservative darling Mollie Hemingway:

“Kill babies”

That response received over two thousand likes in a matter of moments. And it wasn’t alone. Former Planned Parenthood Director turned pro-lifer Abby Johnson:

“Think abortion is acceptable.”

Lizzy Boredom 2 once:

“Impregnate me and then coerce me to murder my child.”


“Dismember the unborn and sell their body parts.”


“Take an oath to ‘First do no harm,’ then knowingly, and repeatedly murder defenseless unborn women.”

Mary Franson:

“Think killing babies is legit.”

Tricia Creque:

“Violently end the lives of unborn babies and call it choice.”

Samantha Toma:

“Expect me to buy the lie that abortion is ‘pro-woman’ and a baby isn’t a baby in certain residences.”

Suffice it to say someone in the Planned Parenthood social media office had a rough day yesterday. Here’s to many more.

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