Bigots Like This Are Why Democrats Continue To Lose

UPDATE Dec. 23 7:30 a.m.:

The New York Daily News reports other passengers on the flight where Adam Saleh was removed dispute his story, claiming he and his mate staged their disruption on purpose in order to make a video. That makes a whole lot more sense. But will the bigot Shaun King admit this? He writes for the same paper, but didn’t cover the followup story because it doesn’t fit his narrative.

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President-elect Donald Trump is great at taking credit for other people’s work. He’s really got a knack for latching on to the winning side of something, such as working class whites feeling disenfranchised by a Democratic Party that left them a few decades ago.

It’s unclear whether the other Republicans would have won Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, but it’s certain that Hillary Clinton was the poster child for a terrible candidate who bought into all the worst parts of progressive bigotry, without offering any of her own positives. It might sound trite to say this, but yes, at least President Obama is black. Being a woman wasn’t enough for Clinton.

One almost perfect example of why Democrats have lost 900 seats in state legislatures in the last eight years, and the House, Senate and White House, is the attitude of people like Shaun King, a bigoted man who writes for the New York Daily News. To King, there’s no such thing as a good white person, because with that skin color comes a panoply of privileges and rights denied to those he feels are more worthy to receive them.

To wit: “White privilege extends to flying, which people of color know too well.”

Earlier Wednesday, on a Delta flight scheduled to go from London to New York, popular YouTube star Adam Saleh was put off of the flight by security. He claimed that it was because he was overheard speaking Arabic. A passenger sitting close to him was visibly upset by it all.

First, let me dispense with the non-sequitur “popular Youtube star.” If one’s sole claim to fame is that a large number of pre-teens or pubescent kids watch your silly videos on Youtube, that does not make one “popular” nor does it make one a “star.” In fact, I had never heard of Adam Saleh until I read King’s article. Having looked him up on Youtube, I remain singularly unimpressed. But you be the judge.

Granted, Saleh might be a really nice guy. He might not deserve to be kicked off a Delta flight. But it wasn’t “white privilege” that caused his ouster.

Maybe King missed this, but 19 men with beards who spoke Arabic crashed two 767’s into the World Trade Center towers, another airplane into the Pentagon, and one more in a field in Pennsylvania in 2001. Richard Reid tried to detonate a shoe bomb in December of the same year, which is one of the main reasons we now must practically disrobe (electronically at least) to board a commercial flight.

But King’s take on the incident is totally different:

The way I see it, if by chance Saleh was deliberately or loudly speaking Arabic on the plane to see what would happen, which I doubt, the fact that he was put off of the plane over it is a major problem and gets to the root of a much a deeper issue. Flying on an airplane — for a person of color, for a Muslim, for someone speaking Arabic, or for virtually anyone who does not fit a very narrow, white heteronormative slice of the world — can be like walking on eggshells.

Hmm…if I were to grow a beard, learn Arabic, and board a flight in London, while speaking that language loudly “to see what would happen,” I should not be surprised if someone is alarmed and I’m kicked off the flight until authorities could figure it out. Especially if I’ve got compatriots with me videoing the whole thing.

This isn’t “eggshells,” it’s common sense. And it has nothing at all to do with white privilege. What King’s view does present, is bigotry against white people, pure and simple. And linked with “whiteness” is heterosexuality, as if both things are some abomination to be stamped out. But that’s how bigotry perverts people’s view of things.

The Democratic Party, likewise, has been taken over by bigots, who view white, heterosexual, and especially self-identified Christians, through the lens of deep prejudice. It’s why Democrats are worried they’ll never get their white working class voters back (they have reason to worry, because they’re probably not coming back).

Democrats are nervous not just about the fact that Trump won, but how he did so. The New York real estate mogul won because of his popularity with white working-class voters, whose slow drift from the Democratic Party he accelerated to devastating effect. They abandoned Democrats as few, even seasoned, party operatives suspected they could, leading to victories in places like Michigan and Wisconsin that President Barack Obama won easily just four years ago.

Unless, and until, Democrats boot their bigots out, as they once did with white bigots who ran their party, they will continue to be driven further and further into the fringe of prejudice, led by city-dwelling progressives who must be treated like walking on eggshells lest they be triggered.

Meanwhile, the rest of the commonsense world will rightly be frightened if a bearded man gets on an airplane speaking Arabic in a loud voice while having his mates video him.

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