Bill Clinton Has Been Accused of Rape. So Let’s Focus on Steve Bannon.

I call B.S. on this take down of Steve Bannon from the New York Post.

The allegations about Steve Bannon were raised in a nasty divorce proceeding in the mid-90’s. As we have learned from the Johnny Depp divorce to Donald Trump’s first divorce to all sorts of others, people say and do and claim things in divorces that they did not mean. Some times those things happened. Some times they did not happen exactly as described. But often times the parties move on and forgive each other. Some times the past is best left in the past.

Maybe Steve Bannon did do something. Maybe it was exaggerated as part of a divorce claim. But it happened in the mid-90’s while the husband of a potential future President while he was President did some pretty crappy stuff himself. In fact, Clinton has been accused of rape and to my knowledge Steve Bannon has never been accused of rape. But the media will ignore all that.

The pile on of Bannon is silly and this story, in particular, is ridiculous.

Steve Bannon is not running for President. If he is exposed in Wikileaks as helping foreign tyrants, perhaps it’ll be relevant. But his mid-90’s divorce is a dumb thing to push out against him.

Trump gives enough material. There is no point in dragging Bannon’s family through the mud, which is what a story like this ultimately does.

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