Bill Maher Calls Out “Social Justice Warriors” and Liberals Who Apologize for Being White

HBO host Bill Maher set his sights on his fellow liberals Friday night during his show’s “New Rules” segment, for constantly feeling like they must apologize for being white. And later – even taking on the North Carolina bathroom law controversy.

He spent the bulk of the monologue talking “to the liberals” who, he says, like “pretending you’re making a difference when you’re just making yourself feel better.”

The “social justice warriors” have a “perverse sort of narcissism” in calling out “privilege.” “I’m not saying being a white male doesn’t have its privileges,” said Maher. “Of course it does. I’m just saying constantly crapping on yourself doesn’t fix anything.”

At the end he took on the transgender issue. Said Maher: “Bruce Jenner was a boob even among Kardashians, but now he has boobs, so she’s Rosa Parks!”

And his solution for the bathroom issue, sure to infuriate the SJWs he called out earlier?

If you look like a woman, use the women’s room. If you look like a man, use the men’s room. If you’re a bearded dude in a dress, hold it until you get home.

Watch, from Friday’s show (warning: explicit language):

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