Bill Maher Manages the Perfect Dig at Al Gore

In case you didn’t know, environmental crusader – and green hypocrite – Al Gore has a new movie coming out. The former Vice President is obviously making the rounds to promote his latest propaganda documentary An Inconvenient Sequel, and that included an appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday night.

And Maher made the perfect joke at Gore’s expense. Now, let me preface the joke by noting that Maher and Gore are basically on the same side of the climate change debate, with the host going so far as to refer to his guest as “Planet Earth’s most tireless champion.” The joke came when Maher talked about the rising sea levels that Gore has predicted over and over again.

Maher said, “Obviously we could lose, like Venice. We could lose Florida, and [after a beat] who would know better about losing Florida?”

The audience roared with laughter, while Maher shrugged his shoulders as if to suggest that he couldn’t resist.

But Gore, not exactly known for his sense of humor, gave a witty – if historically inaccurate – retort when he replied, “Actually, I think I carried Florida,” to approving applause from the host and audience.

Truth be told, it’s nice to hear liberals cracking jokes that don’t demean those with whom they don’t agree. Here’s the whole interview (I haven’t watched it all, so brace yourself for potential language):

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