Your Genitals Are Not ‘Junk’ And Neither Are You

By now most of you have seen the now infamous video of Rachel Bloom singing at an event for Bill Nye’s new Netflix series, hilariously/narcissistically titled ‘Bill Nye Saves the World ‘. Leaving aside the fact that Bill Nye is just another sad example of how actors and entertainers think they are the most important people in and to the world, the whole kerfuffle is just another example of how the left sends conflicting messages and expects us to ignore the contradictions.

In the unsurprisingly unfunny “Sex Junk” musical number, Emmy-winner and star of ‘My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Rachel Bloom dances and comically gyrates while singing about the interchangeable nature of sex organs and how it’s just our ‘sex junk’ and nothing to be making a fuss over.  “It’s just evolution, it’s nothing new!”, Bloom sings in an ill-fitting bodysuit backed up by awkward dancers.

While many have been complaining on the basis of vulgarity, it is not vulgarity that is the real issue here. If you’ve watched the brilliant first season of Bloom’s musical comedy on the CW (the second season is tragically forced and awful) you know that raunch and vulgarity are the name of her game (check out the hilariously relatable “Heavy Boobs” number from Season 1 for more on that). That isn’t a surprise to any of her fans and observers, nor should it be. Nye’s people chose Bloom for that very reason.

Isn’t it ironic that in the name of normalizing something most people find vulgar they brought in the most vulgar performer they could find to tell people they shouldn’t find this vulgar?

However, the real shame of this whole thing is the increasingly popular idea that our organs are just “junk”. We can’t blame Bloom and Nye for this labeling. “Junk” has been a popular term for genital organs in recent years. While it is usually meant in the spirit of silliness, the fact that we’ve devolved into referring to our sex organs as trash is sadly indicative of our modern attitudes towards sex and love.

The left wants us to believe two competing ideas at the same time in the name of Tolerance (I capitalize that because at this point Tolerance is a god/idol that requires regular human sacrifices to appease it).

Idea #1: Your genitals are junk. Junk is worthless. So your genitals are meaningless and worthless throw-away parts. Think about this for just a second – your genitalia is (are?) one of the most sensitive parts of your body. They contain nerves and blood vessels and responses that are directly connected to your pleasure centers. Even if all you believe in is the ideology of evolution it is safe to say that pleasure being directly connected to your sex organs is a vital part of the biological imperative to procreate.

Procreation quite literally means the act of creating something, creating life. The “your genitals are junk” crowd seeks to remove that very basic, primitive connection between pleasure and creation which directly undermines the concept of creation. It basically posits that creation is meaningless along with your tiddly-bits. Every single human being on earth who has ever lived is the result of procreation. If the procreation functions are considered nothing but “junk” what does that say about the people who are the product of procreation?

This is a movement that looks at people as worthless garbage. No wonder so many people who live the most comfortable, affluent lifestyle in the world are so woefully unhappy and hopeless these days. People like Bill Nye and Rachel Bloom go to great lengths make people believe that the most miraculous part of humanity – the ability to create and bear life – is nothing more than an accident that happens when your “junk” gets dumped on top of someone else’s “junk” momentarily. The current trend of bitter millennials and the angry protest class is the result of too many people living as though they were mere accidents of physics.

All of this drastically conflict with…

Idea #2: Your genitals define who you are, your value and your thought process. We just endured two years of nonstop admonishments to vote for the first female president precisely because she was a woman. Incessant talk about glass ceilings and history and women’s rights served to shame anyone who dared even give casting a vote for anyone else a second thought. Since Clinton lost in an epic trouncing last November there has been a constant drumbeat in the media about how sexism and misogyny is responsible for her downfall. Activists tell us Planned Parenthood is sacred cow of women’s health. Abortion rights are so coveted grown women dress like giant vaginas and march to protest the idea of men telling women what to do with their bodies. “Stay out of my vagina!” is a constant refrain.

Our genitals are supposed to be the one and only thing we are concerned about and they are what we are apparently required to base our votes, loyalties and sensibilities on.

So which is it? Are our sex organs garbage or gold? Are they vital or worthless? Are we accidents or creations?

Nye and Bloom shouldn’t be dragged for doing what they’ve been doing their entire careers – appealing to the lowest common denominator for the maximum amount of exposure as entertainers.

No, the real issue here…the saddest issue is how the mechanisms of intimacy and relationship have been twisted and devalued into just a form of entertainment. The still-evolving result is to create an entire culture that looks at the very miracle of life as trash.

It is not hard to discern the ripple effects of such a devastating ideology in modern America.

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