Bill Nye Writer Wants “Old A** Conservative White Men” Like Scalise to Die

I guess you could call it the wonder of science, but even when it’s inconvenient, the internet is forever.

That means even when you want to delete really crass statements that you’ve tweeted that may reflect poorly on your boss, you just can’t catch a break.

That seems to be the case for alleged comedian Marcella Arguello, one of the entertainers hired by the anti-science, anti-Christian radical Bill Nye to help write for his Netflix program “Bill Nye Saves the World.” No word yet on whether she was responsible for the bizarre gyrations of Rachel Bloom whose notorious performance of “My Sex Junk” will live in the infamous realm of television’s worst moments.

But there is no question that Arguello has a penchant for assassinations of political opponents after she tweeted this appalling take on the shooting of Representative Steve Scalise:

“if a few old a** conservative white men have to die in order to get the gun control issue discussed then I’m willing to take that risk.”

I’m sure the Congressman’s family and friends are impressed and touched by her empathy and kindness, particularly given that she sent that tweet the day Scalise was shot and we now know was hospitalized in a fight for his life.

Of course hers was not the only harsh tweet directed at Scalise or Republicans after the shooting. Here’s a grotesque look at others.

Arguello’s offensive tweet takes center stage now just days after secretly recorded audio revealed a Democrat Party official in Nebraska screaming that he was “glad” Scalise had been shot, regretting only that he wasn’t “f****** dead” as a result of the attack.

To their credit, the Democrats in Nebraska removed Phil Montag from his position of leadership within their party. Now attention turns to whether Bill Nye will exhibit the same kind of integrity as, at last notice, he’s been silent on the conduct of his hire. Arguello has not been silent, however, following up her offensive assassination death wish with a tweet featuring a woman flying by the use of her female parts, with a message that screams, “BYE HATERS.”

Committed Darwinist Bill Nye certainly went to the intellectual and moral apex of evolution when hiring his writers, didn’t he?

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