Blame (or Praise) Georgia’s Brian Kemp For The SEC Primary

The “SEC Primary” where all the southern states vote on one day can be laid directly on the shoulders of one individual: Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp.

In 2014, Kemp proposed a March 1 date for a bloc of southern states.

The date that we want to have the primary on is March 1,” said Secretary of State Brian Kemp of Georgia (R), who made clear on Wednesday that he not only will set his own state’s primary for that date – but also wants other southern states to hold primaries on what would be the first date available for states that aren’t named Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.

“I believe that will give us an opportunity to have a say in the Presidential race,” said Kemp, who volunteered that he has already spoken with his election colleagues in other southern states about joining forces in 2016.

“I’ve had great conversations with folks in Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana,” Kemp said in a live interview on WSB Radio in Atlanta.

This is because Kemp has the power in Georgia to set the primary date all by himself, so he used that leverage to get other states on board.

Georgia is on track for a March 1 primary, as Kemp has the unusual power of being able to set the date himself. Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Virginia are also likely to join. (Yes, Kemp knows that two of those states are not members of the SEC, but just roll with it. Another suggested name: the Waffle House Primary.)

How about just the Waffle Primary?

Strategists say a Southern primary has the potential to buoy a more conservative candidate and be a challenge for candidates considered too moderate or too affiliated with the establishment — such as Jeb Bush, who will not denounce the loathed Common Core education standards and has taken a more moderate stance on immigration.

We love those strategists. I bet they had never thought of Donald Trump. And the biggest loser/most ironic/worst case of foot-in-mouth comments came from Mike Huckabee, who knelt before Zod after Iowa.

“I think that idea is a gift from God. I think it was inspired out of heaven,” Huckabee said in an interview with in January as he promoted his book, “God, Guns, Grits and Gravy.” “It is the Southern states and the Midwestern states that really form the bulk of the presidential genesis in November. . . . If a Republican doesn’t carry the heartland, he’s not going to win.”

If you’re Donald Trump, you should have a drink in honor of Brian Kemp. But, of course, Trump doesn’t drink. The rest of us should just drink because of him.

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