Bloody Bar Fights and the Media’s Ratings

I have two hypothetical friends, Eric and Charlie. I only see Eric every few weeks, but I see Charlie every day, and when I don’t see him he texts me.

Charlie has been telling me every day that Eric is mad at me, that Eric wants to hit me, and that Eric hates me to my core. This makes me nervous to see Eric again. Charlie has been telling Eric the same thing, because Charlie loves him some freaking drama.

After hearing this for a couple of weeks, I finally see Eric at a bar and things are tense. I’m prepared for him to hit me and he’s prepared for me to hit him. Doesn’t take much for us to scuffle. I end up hitting him with a beer bottle.

After the cops come my friends tell them that this is so out of character, but I never hit anybody and it’s all because Eric was asking for it. Eric’s friends tell the cops the same thing. He’s just not the kind of guy who would hit somebody. He doesn’t hate Turner, it’s just that Turner pushed his buttons.

The police throw up their hands and say well, I guess this is what happens when you hang out around beer bottles.

Charlie meanwhile has the whole thing on cell phone video and his social media following explodes when he posts it. His account is called “Bloody_Bar_Fights.”

The media is manufacturing hate. They have created a race war. Sure, Obama has been playing tribal politics for years now, because politicians only have power when people are uncomfortable, afraid, and desperate, and Obama sees himself as a great leader of people who follow. He needs the country afraid enough to need that leader.

But the media has even more to gain in the manufactured division. Look, for example, at the explosion of Facebook Live’s popularity during the Dallas shooting. Look at how glued we are to the television when the riots break out. How closely we watch to see if we’re next.

Racial politics were not nearly so explosive, we as a people were not nearly so divided eight, 10 years ago. Under Bush, the Media had other straw men; they focused their production energy on Al Qaeda. Then when that got boring, they shifted to Bush. Then the economy dipped and we became less safe but those things don’t fuel the fire so the news Producers and Talking Heads needed new straw men.

The important point here is that despite what the media wants to tell us, most of us do not hate one another. I don’t feel an ounce of hate or just trust your word knows of a different race with whom I interact with on a daily basis. But the Charlie media keeps telling me that I should. Every morning I see the news talking about racial division and the brewing race war. There is no no war brewing except when the media wants there to be.

Eric and I may have some things to work out, and Eric may truly have reason to be angry at me — but we’re not going to hear it from Charlie, and we’re not going to deal with it in a bar. But we do not hate one another. Stop believing Charlie.

Especially because there is someone who hates us, all of us, and they are out to hit us, and not with a beer bottle. I can’t fight that enemy by myself and neither can Eric. We need one another.

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