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By the way, Blue Neponset is a regular critic on the site and he/she is fully and always welcome to ridicule and criticize and critique because the tone, temperment, and points are both a different perspective and usually a challenge to my own views. But he/she is still wrong about the Voter ID bill. It’s good law 😉

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  • Wow. I am going to print this out and hang it on the door of my refrigerator.

    Thanks for the encouraging words Erick.

    I apologize if some of the comments I have made have come accross as ridicule. Some of the things you say drive me nuts, but none of those comments deserve to be ridiculed. Too often, I post comments when my blood is up.

    Regarding the Voter ID bill:

    I don’t think it is such a great law, but I realize elections have consequences. If the Repubs think this is the best way to fix election irregularities I will take them at their word. Having said all of that, this law has some problems that concern me a great deal.

    My primary concern is that legitimate voters will not be allowed to vote because of this law. When I think of that, the mental picture I get is a 90 year old great-great grandmother who has voted in every election since FDR was President. I just can’t stomach the thought of that woman being turned away from the polls without being able to vote simply because she doesn’t have a photo-id.

    The law you guys passed is just too strict. There should be a remedy for the, admittedly rare, scenario I just described. Why can’t people get a photo ID when they show up at the polls? There aren’t that many people without photo-ID’s, and the same forms of non-photo ID that used to be ok to show when voting are the same ones a person needs to get a photo-ID in the first place. Why can’t there be a phase in period to this law? Anyone who shows a non-photo ID in the 2006 election can receive an info packet about the new photo-ID only requirements which will be implemented in the 2008 election. I am sure there are better solutions than the ones I have come up with. The point is there is no need to rush into the photo-id only requirement.

    The thing that boils my blood about this whole issue is the fact that those voicing concern about this new law are being labelled partisans and dismissed. There are Dems politicizing this issue, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t people, Democrat or not, of good faith who have problems with this law.

    For the love of Mike, you are a political consulatant, don’t you think the media and the Dems are going to beat you over the head with this in November 2006? There will be at least a few 90 year old grandmothers who weren’t allowed to vote because of this law. I think I can guarantee you that these women will be interviewed on every tv station, radio station, and newspaper in GA. In my cynical mind I bet the Dems are praying for you guys to keep pooh poohing this whole issue.

    Anywho, I need some coffee. Thanks again for the words of encouragement.

    P.S. I am a he.

    P.P.S. Congrats to you and your wife on your soon to be newborn daughter. (I have to side with your wife about the Thor issue, though.)