Bold: New York Times Decides to Absolutely Humiliate Itself

The New York Times probably should have given this one a little more thought. In Monday’s opinion section, the Times ran a piece by Helen Gao that they actually teased on Twitter with this statement:

“For all its flaws, the Communist revolution taught Chinese women to dream big.”

It’s difficult to comprehend what the editorial board was thinking when they allowed this piece to get ink, and even more impossible to understand how the intern manning the Times’ Twitter controls isn’t looking for work today. After all if this isn’t the classic, “Other than that, how was the play Mrs. Lincoln?” scenario, I don’t know what is.

Maoist China stands as one of the most murderous, oppressive regimes in the history of our world. Murdering untold millions, forcing sterilizations, setting the stage for the later introduction of a forced abortion one-child policy – including particular cruelty to little girl babies – the Communist Revolution in China did more to destroy the big dreams of its women than anything in that country’s storied history.

But before you let this unbridled ignorance surprise you, keep in mind that this is the same New York Times (opinion) that ran an August piece by Kristen R. Ghodsee called, “Why Women Had Better Sex Under Socialism.”

Somehow the Times’ opinion page that never seems to be capable of publishing any commentary that boasts a Biblical worldview these days, is giddy at the prospect of advertising that under socialism and communism everything is just sex and big dreams.

Thankfully, at least, there are still enough people with brains in our country that this idiotic Mao story received the mockery it so richly deserved.

Michael Miller asked the obvious:

“Are you kidding me? Is your paper run by 20 year old UC Berkeley students? Good lord.”

When another commenter posted a meme showing Chinese communists executing an innocent woman with the words “Collectivism: always one execution away from utopia,” P. Borat Sosa played the part of NYT editor, summarizing the image this way:

“These public servants are helping this woman reduce her carbon footprint.”

But it had to be former National Review author Ian Tuttle who had the best response to the insanity:

“The gulag system wasn’t perfect, but it taught Russians the value of a strong work ethic.”

Can we all just acknowledge there’s nothing salvageable at this point and it’s time to just bulldoze the New York Times and start over?

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