Boorish and entertaining Clay Travis pondering 2018 Senate race in Tennessee

Outkick The Coverage founder and FoxSports radio host Clay Travis is pondering a run for the U.S. Senate in Tennessee in 2018. Travis, who recently made national headlines last week after an interview with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin in which he stated the two things that have never let him down was “the First Amendment and boobs.”

Travis spoke about a potential run on his radio show.

“I think I could get elected. There has to be no incumbent and Peyton Manning has to not run. Other than that I think I could beat anyone in the state. If you went and walked around with me at a [University of Tennessee football] tailgate, let’s say next week when they’re playing Georgia next weekend, if I went around with a camera crew … we’d have 100 percent name recognition of people under the age of 50,” Travis said. “It’s positive name recognition … if you walked around with a camera, we’d make the Democrats and Republicans both incredibly nervous. They’d kill to have the recognition in the state. I think I could win as an independent.”

My opinion of Travis running is this.

I do think what Travis said on CNN was wrong. Travis had every right to say what he did on CNN. Thank goodness for the First Amendment. However, just because you have a right does not mean you have the responsibility. Instead of the news being about his comments on Jemele Hill, he became the story. As a Jesus follower, I am also reminded that of what Paul wrote to the church at Philipp, “finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” Is what Travis said any of these things? What does this teach young men or boys when it comes to the view of women? All women are to be valued and respected. We don’t use them for our selfish pleasure or self-validation. I would not want someone to speak this way around my wife, sister, or mother.

Also, he claims he would have 100 percent name ID. That is not true. Right now, not everyone knows him in Tennessee. I know this because before writing this article I asked multiple friends where I live in Tennessee if they knew who he was and not a single person had any idea. Maybe some sports fans and the younger college-age crowds would be there, but that is not how you win our state. The largest voting bloc in the Volunteer State is the 50+ group.

Additionally, he voted for Barack Obama twice. Say what you want about the changes in political parties and identities, but Obama is not liked or popular in Tennessee.

Tennessee has always been proud to elect true statesmen to office. People that looked to the future and tried to solve large problems. If Travis runs, he will either be running against or in an open seat currently held by Bob Corker. I have met and spoken with Senator Corker. I also know his staff. Every person I have come across in his office are first-class individuals. They care deeply about the problems facing our nation. They are in fact, grown-ups.

Now in the era of President Donald Trump, we live in an era where unfortunately politics and pop culture continue to morph together. Where celebrity gives you credibility. Personally, I am tired of all cheap talk and this type of politics. While the television pundits and politicians argue about pointless opinions, real issues are not being fixed. We instead get spin, no transparency, and babble that clouds the truth. Can Clay Travis fix this?

I do not question his patriotism. Maybe Travis is also well versed in policies I am not aware of. He does have degrees from George Washington and Vanderbilt. My concern would be this, we have a decline in virtue in America. Does Clay Travis help or hurt this? I guess if he decides to run, time and the voters of Tennessee will answer that question.

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