Border Security-Liberals Try Fear Mongering And Fail

Border security is a commonsense necessity. It is as much a national necessity now as it was centuries ago when the Great Wall of China was constructed. The base reasons are simple: domestic security, trade enforcement, and population control. Obviously, this is a bit of an over-simplification, but these reasons lie at the heart of every nation’s border enforcement policy.

It is this commonsense aspect of border enforcement that makes the liberal open borders rationaliszation so easily resisted in heartland USA. Debating commonsense is quixotic at best, forcing liberals to trot out every conceivable  open borders defense imaginable.

The latest trial balloon? Enter stage left courtesy The Daily Beast. The article, “Why America Can’t Spot Dirty Bombs” enters into the conversation under the guise of a dry fact-base examination of a terrifying vulnerability within the US:

“The U.S. is largely underprepared to detect or respond to the threat of a radiological terrorist attack on American soil.”

See what they did? They grabbed our attention, and set the stage for us to be concerned about our domestic safety. They even make a show of normal journalism:

“The Red Team report, dated July 2016 and reviewed by The Daily Beast, summarizes a year’s worth of covert and overt testing of nuclear and radiological detection and response capabilities. These tests were performed by a broad range state, local, federal, and tribal agencies and across a range of venues: at border points of entry, in aviation and maritime environments, during large public events like the Super Bowl or Inauguration, and at regular checkpoints around the country.”

Having established their journalistic bona fides, and having sown the ground with fear, they can now hammer it home:

“Rising homegrown radicalization of U.S. citizens and renewed calls by terror groups to carry out dirty bomb and weapons of mass destruction attacks on targets throughout the United States.”

Now, they deliver their version of the coup d’état:

“Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly acknowledges this threat and said in an interview with Fox News conducted right after his confirmation that nuclear and radiological detection capabilities would be included in the construction of Trump’s proposed border wall. But according to the July 2016 Red Team report, local and federal agencies had ongoing and serious problems fulfilling even the most basic aspects of that mission at the border and elsewhere.”

First they normalize the article by quoting Fox News, perhaps a first for the liberal rag. Then, they raise questions about efficacy of wall security by equating its supposed weakness with the former president’s incompetence and utter diffidence. This is misleading because the author isn’t really concerned with The Wall’s radiological defense capabilities in the least. However, having laid the requisite groundwork, their true agenda finally emerges:

“The combined increases in homegrown radicalization of U.S. citizens and calls by ISIS to carry out nuclear and chemical attacks on American soil are among the most serious threats facing the country…the Trump administration’s hardline and vocal anti-immigration stance will make this pressure cooker of a situation even more volatile, as aspiring foreign fighters refocus their efforts on domestic attacks out of concern that if they leave the country, they won’t be allowed to return.”

If you need to read that more than once for it to sink in, go ahead. The Daily Beast is actually positing the theory that enhanced border enforcement is inherently dangerous because  “foreign fighters” living here will be rushing out to detonate their dirty bombs. The term “foreign fighter”? I can’t explain that one, I have to confess its a new one for me. Sounds kinda romantic doesn’t it? Until you realize the Boston Marathon bombers fall into that category. Then’s its just creepy and disgusting.

The author wants you to ignore the fact the the article implicitly implicitly admits enhanced border enforcement coupled with interior enforcement works. Rather, they use a tactic straight out of the Alinsky handbook; when all else fails, try fear mongering.

Those outside the liberal fringe will quite naturally reject the premise of this trial balloon, it is nonsensical at its core. But rest assured, when this balloon pops, they will have another one ready to go. The foreign fighter never quits.


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