Boston: Where Candidates Grabbing Reporters Is OK (For Democrats)

Lowell, Massachusetts is only a few minutes outside Boston. Lowell is also former Trump body man and political sewer rat Corey Lewandowski’s hometown. Remember when Lewandowski pushed then-Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields, setting off a chain of events leading to an assault charge, which was then dropped, and a mass exodus of every decent journalist from Breitbart?

The press was all over it. Of course it didn’t help when little-man Lewandowski played the idiot and Breitbart threw Fields under the bus, but had he apologized, do you think the media would have have let it go? (Don’t answer that.)

Well, Boston mayoral candidate City Councilor Tito Jackson grabbed a WGBH (public television) reporter, last week. This led to the station’s general manager sending Jackson a letter of complaint.

“You engaged in physical contact with our reporter during a one-on-one interview. We stand by our reporter’s account that you grasped her forearm, pushed it aside and then removed your hand,” Redo wrote. “It is unacceptable conduct to engage with a member of the press physically–in any manner.”

Jackson called the station and apologized.

“I’m sorry… I never want anyone to feel that way… I apologize,” Jackson said. “I really respect the long-term relationship with the station and I should have picked up the phone and apologized from the get-go.”

End of story? The Boston Globe reported it as straight news and dropped it. Of course, it was just a small thing, and he apologized. No harm, no foul. And politics is so civil in Boston, right? (Don’t answer that.)

Incumbent Mayor Marty Walsh didn’t tweet anything, and kept his public comments very low-key about Jackson’s hands-on approach to a reporter. There were no calls of misogyny or investigation into this, or charges to prefer. No Massachusetts politicians, senators, or members of congress weighed in.

It was nothing. That’s because they’re all Democrats.

If Jackson had been a Republican, oh boy, you’d see the scandal machine turbines fired up at 110 percent of rated thrust.

Everything is civil, courteous and positively chummy in a race among Democrats in the true-blue Bay State. It’s even OK to grab female reporters by the arm, as long as you apologize. The whole matter will be dropped.

Would they be so eager to forgive and forget if a Republican made the same mistake and apologized? (Don’t answer that.)

This post has been edited to acknowledge the fact that Mayor Marty Walsh did publicly condemn Jackson’s behavior, according to one of our sources.

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