Both Parties Must Be Demolished Before America Can Be Rebuilt

As the mainstream media gushes over the electoral bloodbath predicted by the newly-released polling data, it is easy to lose sight of just how repulsed the American electorate is by both major party candidates. Tragically, this is not a new phenomenon for republicans. I mean, how else could you explain the mass psychosis which culminated in the nomination of Tangerini Mussolini?

But now, for maybe the first time, an entire generation of Democrats are joining with their GOP brethren in discovering the poisonous filth that exists in politics today. It’s no longer Republican ideas competing with Democratic ideas over what is best for this nation and the American people. It is Democrat vs Democrat, Republican vs Republican, minorities vs the white man, wall street vs middle class, woman vs man, gay vs straight, God vs Atheism, Christianity vs Islam, police vs citizenry, NRA vs gun control, capitalism vs socialism, Hollywood vs middle America…. Need I go on?

Whether you are on the right or the left, is there any doubt that the DC establishment does not give a damn about you, your family, your economic vitality? Instead, the political elite of both parties and their media cronies have spent decades sowing hate and ripping holes into the fabric of society to further advance their own grip on wealth and power. They secretly plot against their own to elevate another. They launch accusations against certain Americans to secure the votes of others. They lie and create strawmen and gaslight until we as a people are so divided that we can’t even agree on what the issues are, let alone debate them, with family and friends across the political aisle.

Our current political process can no longer nominate leaders for whom the majority of the base is proud to cast their vote. Instead, party officials take to the airwaves insisting voters MUST vote against the opposing side. If they refuse, the oceans will swallow cities, the economy will collapse, and the threat of nuclear winter will forever loom over America. Then as soon as they’re satisfied they’ve made their case, they’ll move onto ignoring that loyal base entirely, and pander to the imaginary voting blocs which took decades of misleading, victimizing and exploiting the most vulnerable to create.

My friends, it is time. Time to standup to both parties and say enough is enough. We are not black, white, Latino, Hispanic, Asian, male, female, gay, straight, transgender, rich, poor, blue-collar, white-collar… WE ARE AMERICANS! Sure, we may disagree on how to get there, but we all want to leave a better America for our children and grandchildren. And while you’ll never hear this propagated by our media or championed on the campus of state universities—the truth is that the greatness of diversity is not represented by the colors of our skin, but rather the diversity of ideas and ideals reflected within our society.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are not going to stop USS America from sinking. They are the iceberg. We must refuse to accept the lesser crook. It may prove an incredible feat, but until the citizens of this country band together to destroy both political parties, we cannot embark on the journey of rebuilding America.

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