Brad Thor Brings the Hammer Down on Radical Islam

Never one to mince words–or court controversy, for that matter–Brad Thor appeared on Martha MacCallum’s Fox News show yesterday to talk terrorism, particularly the seeming inability of law enforcement to go after “known wolves” before they can carry out attacks.

Brad Thor said the bar is set too high for law enforcement to properly prosecute terror suspects.

Thor, a former member of DHS’s Analytic Red Cell Unit, said anyone associated with terrorists or radical Islam should be able to be charged.

Martha MacCallum reported that the London terror suspects’ imam reported them to police, but the lead was not properly followed up on.

Thor said part of the problem was that prosecutorial “bar.”

“We have zero tolerance when it comes to child pornography. Why don’t we have zero tolerance when it comes to radical Islamic ideology?” he asked.

Thor’s language here isn’t likely to win him too many friends with the CAIR crowd, but that’s part-and-parcel of the bestselling author’s reptertoire.  His 2008 book The Last Patriot featured a “lost revelation” of the prophet Mohammed that changes the entire face of Islam, and threatens the power of radical Islamists worldwide.  Because of that, Glenn Beck–who has Thor on his shows as a regular guest–once said, “You will read it and think Brad Thor is a dead man.”  Fortunately, he never had to go into hiding like Salman Rushdie did after he published The Satanic Verses–though I wouldn’t be surprised if some ayatollah still had a fatwa out on him.

In the wake of the latest terror, I’ve also wondered how the hell a man who literally appeared in a YouTube video called “The Jihadis Next Door” was still on the streets of London where he was free to mow down innocent pedestrians in a rented van.  Perhaps this would be more understandable if this was an isolated case of someone slipping through the cracks–but it seems as if almost all of the attacks we’ve seen lately have been carried out by individuals who were known to authorities ahead of time.  Ever wonder how the cops were able to roll up the network that supported the London Bridge terrorists within hours of the attack?  It’s because they had they names and addresses of those people already.

And yet, and yet. . .law enforcement took no proactive measures against people who presented a clear and present danger.  How does that happen?  Is there something in British law that prevents the police from making a move before there’s an actual attack?  Or is it just a paralyzing fear of being branded Islamophobic that keeps them looking the other way until it’s too late?  Whatever the cause, one thing is for sure– the system, as Brad Thor points out here, is a spectacular failure.

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