NEW: Alabama Governor To Appoint AG That Halted His Impeachment To Replace Sessions

Remember that crazy rumor that was going around that Alabama Governor Robert Bentley was considering appointing the Attorney General that halted his impeachment to replace Jeff Sessions in the Senate?

It’s happening.

Attorney General Luther Strange recently asked the legislature to halt the ethics-related impeachment proceedings against the Governor, while providing virtually no explanation for doing so. Now, with his appointment to the Senate, Governor Bentley will be able to single-handedly appoint the next Attorney General, who will be responsible for prosecuting any ethics charges.

Governor Bentley’s second term in office has been mired in various scandals relating to his affair with a senior political adviser, and his subsequent divorce from his wife of 50 years. The impeachment proceedings came after statements from the former top state law enforcement official that the Governor abused his authority and repeatedly used taxpayer resources to hide his affair and punish anyone that questioned it. More recently, he’s also drawn suspicion for refusing to disclose the passengers he took on his taxpayer-funded plane to Trump’s inauguration and for using campaign funds to pay for the legal fees of his now-former senior political adviser, Rebekah Mason.

If appointed, Luther Strange will have to run for the seat in 2018 in what is anticipated to be a very hotly contested Republican primary.


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