BREAKING: Charlie Gard Dies After Life Support Removed

Charlie Gard has died one week short of his first birthday, according to multiple media reports.

The poor child has passed into a better realm, where nobody is arguing over his fate. Only God is sovereign over life and death, and I pray Charlie is well received in heaven.

From CNN:

On Monday, Charlie’s parents gave up their fight to take Charlie to the US after new brain and muscle scans revealed their son had deteriorated and was therefore less likely to benefit from the experimental treatment, while his doctors and parents battled in court. Too much time had passed.

May God bless Charlie’s parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates; may He give them comfort and rest, knowing they did all they could as parents.

Love is all we have for Charlie’s memory. Now let’s show love to the grieving family, and to one another.

Rest in peace, Charlie.

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