BREAKING: Democrats File Federal Lawsuit to Try to Steal the Georgia Special Election

It is a standard rule in American election law for just about every single state that has runoffs. There is a voter registration deadline before the first round of the election and if there is a runoff only the people registered before the first round can vote in the runoff. Democrats and Republicans have abided by this rule for years. But with Jon Ossoff failing to vote his Ossoff into office last Tuesday, it no longer works for Democrats.

They have filed a federal lawsuit demanding new voters be allowed to vote in the runoff.

The suit really is without merit, though they may find an Obama appointee to treat it seriously. Runoffs are legally considered to be extensions of the first round. Consequently, registered voters who have not already voted can vote and people who voted in the first round can vote. But people who are not registered do not now get to register to vote.

The suit says that Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act requires states to allow anyone to vote in a federal election if they register at least 30 days before that election. Georgia, however, allows people register at least 30 days before an election, but does not allow a person to vote in the runoff if they had not registered in time for the primary.

This is a nonsensical lawsuit just because it is fairly well settled legally that runoff elections are considered extensions of an election and not a brand new election. If it were a brand new election, they would also have to allow other candidates ballot access.

Of course, the Democrats will stop at nothing to take this election. Every penny they waste here will not go to fighting Republicans next year or on redistricting.

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