Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arrives to speak during a rally at Gilley's in Dallas, Thursday, June 16, 2016. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

BREAKING: Donald Trump To Withdraw U.S. From TPP

In fulfillment of one of his top campaign promises, Donald Trump’s first order of business on his first week in office will be to withdraw the United States from the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, or the TPP, is a trade agreement among twelve countries, representing approximately 40% of the global economy. The stated goal of TPP is to lower trade barriers and make international commerce less expensive. However, the TPP has faced criticism from voters and candidates on both sides of the aisle over the secrecy surrounding the 5,000 page agreement and the apparent influence that large corporations have had in the writing of it.

Donald Trump wasn’t the only candidate to attack the TPP during the campaign season. Most of the Republican candidates opposed it on one level or another, including Ted Cruz, and Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders was an outspoken opponent of the deal as well.

In a poll taken by Politico and Harvard near the end of the general election, 63% of respondents who were aware of the TPP were against it, and 68% opposed a vote on it by Congress. And keep in mind that we now know that the results of major polls in the last election cycle were now significantly slanted towards Democrats – although whether that was intentional or unintentional is still highly debated.

Alabama State Representative Ed Henry, an outspoken conservative legislator that served as the Alabama State Co-Chair for Trump’s campaign, provided The Resurgent with the following statement on this recent development: “For the last eight years, Barack Obama has done everything he could to destroy our American way of life. It is truly refreshing to see President Trump fulfill his campaign promise to put America first. The TPP was a bad deal for American companies and American workers. Trump is putting us first and deals like TPP will be nothing but a bad memory of a bad era in American History.”

I’ll be honest. I was a #NeverTrump GOP voter. I was disgusted by Trump’s campaign rhetoric and scandals, and never believed for one second that he would fulfill his campaign promises and advance an agenda that conservative Republicans could accept. But if the last few days are any indication, boy, was I wrong. In his first official acts as President, Donald J. Trump will have withdrawn us from the TPP, halted all new federal regulations indefinitely, called for an easing of the regulatory burden of Obamacare, announced the relocation of the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, ended our policy of funding international abortions, and has appointed arguably the most conservative Cabinet in modern history. Let me be the first #NeverTrump Republican to say: I was wrong. Donald Trump is the President of the United States, and that fact has never made me happier. I am looking forward to the next 4 years. Let’s Make America Great Again!

Updated @ 9:25 am with Ed Henry’s statement.

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