UPDATED: Federal Judge Grants Stay for Trump Detainees

The National Immigration Law Center and ACLU are claiming that federal courts have issued a “broad and nationwide stay” in relation to Donald Trump’s executive order restricting immigration from Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Libya, and Yemen.

It’s unclear at this time exactly how broad the implications are. Numerous immigrants were detained today at various airports across the country because of the order. Some of those immigrants were released earlier today, although the stay will allow for the rest to be released from custody.

The broader immigration and refugee restrictions remain in place, but the court action will protect immigrants who have already obtained valid visas. The Department of Homeland Security originally determined that current residents and green card holders were exempt from the order, but that was overruled by the White House. Rumors are swirling online that Steven Bannon and Steve Miller were behind the change, which resulted in this court order.

Jamie Dupree is reporting that 3 more habeas petitions have been filed in NY, signaling that this is just the beginning of the legal hurdles Trump’s administration is facing with this order. More details as they become available.

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