BREAKING: “Mad Dog” Mattis Confirmed As Secretary Of Defense


General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, a retired USMC General, has been confirmed by the United States Senate as President Donald J. Trump’s Secretary of Defense.

Donald Trump’s first act as President was to sign a waiver  passed by Congress that allowed General Mattis to be confirmed by a simple majority vote of the Senate, since he does not meet the requirement that the position be held by someone that has not actively served in the military in the last 7 years.

Secretary Mattis has previously commanded the United States Joint Forces Command, and has served as the Supreme Allied Commander of Transformation for NATO. Before that, he held a number of command positions in the U.S. Marines.

The nickname “Mad Dog” was earned by Secretary Mattis after leading troops into combat in the Persian Gulf War of 1991. He is known for his no-nonsense, politically incorrect quotes and approach to leadership.

Congratulations, Secretary Mattis.

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