BREAKING: McMasters Briefing Moved Up to 11:30EST

In response to the political fallout from yesterday’s Russia/intel story by the Washington Post, the White House has rushed the press briefing by National Security Advisor, General HR McMaster, by moving it up from 1:30pm to 11:30 am.

The bombshell report, first broken last night by the Post’s Greg Miller and Greg Jaffe revealed that during the visit this week by Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, President Donald trump made statements that exposed information we acquired from an ally in the Middle East that we hadn’t even shared with our Five Eyes intel partners.

Initially, Gen. McMasters was sent out to dispel concerns by saying the event did not occur “as reported.” However, his non-denial denial quickly whipped up the news cycle even more, because while he said our sources were not revealed, he did not deny that information was shared. Multiple sources are pointing out that in fact, the location of the source was shared, and that McMaster is not denying that the information was classified to begin with. This morning, the President is essentially confirming the shared intel, claiming it was his “right” to do so. The story spread so fast, that even Sen Ben Sasse was asked about it moments after it broke during his appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

This morning, Reuters confirmed the story through their own sources, which likely added to the push to move up the press briefing.

To see the McMaster briefing, you likely just have to turn on any channel at 11:30 eastern.



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