BREAKING: New poll shows GOP’s Gillespie with 8 point lead over Democrat Northam

A new poll released by Hampton University shows that gubernatorial candidate and Republican nominee Ed Gillespie now has an eight point lead over Ralph Northam, his Democratic opponent.

The Gillespie campaign has worked tirelessly to make the former RNC Chairman the Governor of Commonwealth, with grassroots activists led by college students dominating the campaign trail.

Polls throughout the election year have shown Gillespie gaining ground over Northam, recently taking a one point lead in a Monmouth University poll.

“Painting Northam as soft on crime, especially with the MS-13 gang spots, appears to have been effective. This is a game of inches right now, so any small advantage counts,” Patrick Murray, the director of Monmouth University’s Polling Institute said after the poll was released.

The election is on Tuesday, November 7.

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