BREAKING: Obama Pardons Iran Cyberattack Leaker Gen. James Cartwright

Suddenly, leaking classified information is in vogue and even admirable. The abject moral cowardice and duplicity of President Obama cannot be understated, pardoning those who leak classified data literally in the last 36 hours of his presidency.

The most sophisticated weaponized virus ever disclosed in the wild was Stuxnet, which the U.S. used against Iran to set back their nuclear program by a couple of years. Marine Gen. James Cartwright, former Commander of U.S. Strategic Command, and Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, pled guilty in October 2016 to lying to federal investigators looking into leaks of classified information related to Stuxnet.

Obama pardoned Cartwright as part of 64 last-minute pardons and 209 commutations.

From Wikipedia:

In March 2015, the Washington Post reported that the sensitive leak investigation, led by Rod J. Rosenstein, had “stalled amid concerns that a prosecution in federal court could force the government to confirm” information about the highly classified program. U.S. officials feared that if classified information were revealed in any information, it would harm U.S.-Israeli relations and would also complicate the then-pending negotiations on an agreement with Iran over the nuclear program. It was reported that federal prosecutors had discussions with the Office of White House Counsel, then led by Kathryn Ruemmler, on whether certain material important to the case would be declassified, and Ruemmler conveyed that the government was unwilling to provide the documentation.

Cartwright denied any wrongdoing; his attorney, Gregory B. Craig, said in March 2015 that Cartwright had no contact with federal investigators for over a year. Craig stated: “General Cartwright has done nothing wrong. He has devoted his entire life to defending the United States. He would never do anything to weaken our national defense or undermine our national security. Hoss Cartwright is a national treasure, a genuine hero and a great patriot.”

On November 2, 2012, in an interview with the FBI, Cartwright denied he was the source of the leaks. On October 17, 2016, Cartwright entered a guilty plea in the District of Columbia for making false statements during the leak investigation.

There’s no boundaries for Obama in his hatred for Israel, his love for Iran, and his disdain for the efforts to politicize everything in the process of justice.

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