BREAKING: Romney’s Niece is Trump’s Likely Pick To Head RNC

Ronna Romney McDaniel is fresh from a victory in stopping the Michigan recount. Now the head of the Michigan Republican Party’s–Mitt Romney’s niece–split with her uncle in her early support for President-elect Donald Trump may be paying dividends.

POLITICO is reporting that McDaniel is now Trump’s leading choice to replace Reince Priebus has chair of the RNC.

McDaniel, the niece of 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney, is currently chair of the Michigan Republican Party. Trump’s decision could be announced as soon as Friday, a transition official said, when he is scheduled to visit Grand Rapids in the course of his post-election “thank you” tour.

Of course, until Trump makes the announcement, nothing is in the bag. Other contenders are said to be political commentator Mercedes Schlapp, and Matt Pinnell, both of whom have rather “establishment” pedigrees. Some have characterized this post as a “battle” between the Bannon-led populist/nationalist wing and Priebus’ “establishment” wing of the Trump admixture.

I am not so sure of that. While there may be differing opinions of mission and vision, there’s wide agreement that Trump makes his own decisions, and his gut calls have been pretty good so far.

One prominent Trump surrogate who is not being considered: Gov. Chris Christie, whose sad abandonment by the Trump administration is only made sadder by the level of suck-upsmanship he displayed during the campaign.

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