BREAKING: In Wake of Scandal, Sec. Tom Price Resigns

Secretary of the department of health and human services, Tom Price has tendered his resignation to President Trump, say sources in the White House.

In the last couple days, press reports revealed the former budget chief in the House of Representatives was found to have used private charter jets on the government dime. Politico was the first to reveal the excesses on September 19. Since then, the story has only snowballed. They further revealed this week that he also used military jets to fly overseas while the remaining members of his delegation flew commercial flights.

Other flights, among the dozens that are known, included travel to have lunch with his son, and visits with colleagues, outside his official capacity as DHHS secretary.

Upon being exposed for the charter use, Sec Price promised to pay back $52,000 of the roughly $1 million spent, uncovered by the investigation.

President Trump is expected to formally announce the resignation tonight.

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