BREAKING: Sonny Perdue Tops Trump’s List For Agriculture

Politico is reporting that former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue is leading President-elect Donald Trump’s short list for the Secretary of Agriculture post, one of the few major posts not yet filled (Veterans Affairs is the other).

The USDA is in the middle of the pack of larger federal agencies, clocking in at about 92,000 employees (about a third the size of the Department of Veterans Affairs, and just under double the size of the Department of Transportation). Perdue is actually a good fit here. What many people don’t know is that the former governor is a veterinarian, and also a farmer.

Perdue met with Trump in November.

Sonny Perdue is Georgia Sen. David Perdue’s first cousin. I’ve met Perdue several times, personally. He actually lives pretty close to me, and we know many people in common in his hometown of Warner Robins, where I’ve lived for nearly 25 years.

Let me tell you a little bit about Sonny.

He’s a man of humor in a humorless profession. Perdue described his less-than-stellar career playing football at Warner Robins High School thusly: “I was small, but I was slow.” He was one of the first players in the city’s Little League. Now we boast a Little League World Series-winning boy’s team (2007) that also made it to the elimination round in 2009. The girls have won the softball world series twice (2009, 2010). Warner Robins is now home to the Southeast headquarters of Little League.

I bragged on our city because Sonny is a man who leaves a legacy.

When Georgia faced drought in 2007, Perdue stood on the capitol steps and led a prayer for rain. That’s how he is. A churchgoing man who prays when nobody sees him praying.

I would fully support him at Agriculture and hope that Trump confirms this excellent pick soon.

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