President Donald Trump walks out of the Oval Office of the White House in Washington before boarding Marine One helicopter, Friday, Feb. 24, 2017, for the short flight to Oxon Hill, Md., to address the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

BREAKING: Trump Betrays Conservatives, Won’t Withdraw from Paris Climate Deal

In what is just the latest betrayal of the conservative principles he pretended to have during the campaign, the Wall Street Journal breaks this story:

Trump administration officials said Saturday the U.S. wouldn’t pull out of the Paris Agreement, offering to re-engage in the international deal to fight climate change, according to the European Union’s top energy official.

Abandoning the campaign promise seemingly fulfilled in the early days of the administration when they announced impending U.S. “renegotiation” of the Paris climate scheme, the Trump administration now says it will merely “review its terms.”

This story is developing, but obviously falls in line with Trump’s recent overtures to liberals in Congress – first on increasing the financial burden on our children by raising the debt ceiling, then on pursuing a plan to codify an illegal amnesty program for children of illegal immigrants to the United States.

Additionally, Trump has been talking regularly about increasing the tax burden on “the wealthy” in his upcoming tax reform proposal, something that adheres to liberal economic orthodoxy traditionally rejected by Republicans and conservatives.

To date, President Trump has delivered on virtually none of his campaign promises to conservative and tea party Americans besides his appointment of Supreme Court justice Neil Gorsuch. Still, despite the increasing betrayals, the President continues to command support of many Republicans who appear willing to shift leftward on policy to defend him.

It remains to be seen whether that grace will extend to a Republican President who now seems potentially prepared to embrace the economy-crippling climate change narrative.

UPDATE (5:31 pm): The White House is now clarifying and denying the Wall Street Journal report saying that “nothing has changed” in the administration’s position, adding, “the United States is withdrawing unless we can re-enter on terms that are more favorable to our country.”

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